Miracle. Our family has experienced a REAL. LIFE. MIRACLE. I don’t even know where to start… there are a million places to start… The beginning…

Anyone who has known me or read this blog for that matter, knows that I am not able to conceive children naturally. Cooper was conceived through invetro fertilization in May of 2005. We were so blessed to get pregnant on our very first attempt, but since then, we have implanted the frozen embryos we had left, and started a whole new cycle with no success. Our plan was to hold off until the spring when our money and optimism were built back up, and try again probably for the last time. Up to this point, we have had six eggs fertilize. We put two in and one stayed giving us Cooper, and we froze the other four. This past fall, we went back to implant the frozen embryos, and none of them stayed leaving us back at square one.

Our fertility issues are very cut and dry. I have one fallopian tube that is completely blocked with scar tissue from a botched appendix surgery when I was 15 years old. I have known since then that invetro would be my only hope at having kids. Me, being the optimistic person that I am, have always said that I could get pregnant… Mary got pregnant and didn’t even have sex. God is still capable of miracles… well, let me tell you something… not only is he still capable of miracles… we got one!

The beginning of November I started noticing things were a little off. The thing that was supposed to happen at the beginning of the month didn’t… and instead other things started happening. I jokingly told Otey “maybe I’m knocked up” and we laughed about not wasting money on a pregnancy test (two mortgages you know) because it was impossible. Well, that whole “budget” thing lasted about another week. While I was at the grocery store I picked up a two for $5 generic pack of pregnancy tests and brought them home. Later that afternoon I took one and OH MY GOSH THERE WAS A PLUS! A. BIG. FAT. +! I instantly called Otey and said “I’m frickin’ pregnant!!!” Now is where Otey’s overwhelming since of reason kicked in. He told me not to get excited, we both knew that even if I was, the odds that it wasn’t a tubal pregnancy were like tiny. When we hung up I called our fertility clinic and spoke to my favorite nurse. In total disbelief, she told me the same thing… not to get excited, the odds of me having a naturally conceived pregnancy in the right place was pretty much impossible. So, we made an appointment and went to Columbia, Missouri the next day to have them check things out. The next 24 hours waiting for the doctor’s appointment were horrible. We wanted to be excited, but logically it was impossible… that is where my faith wavered… instead of remembering that all things are possible with God, I let my earthly logic consume me.

The morning of my appointment I was in the shower praying… odd… I know… but I pray in the shower a lot because it’s actually a few minutes of alone peace and quiet time for me. Anyway, I told God that if he would let that baby be in the right place, not in my tube, I would make sure everyone who knew me, or knew of me would know that he was solely responsible. I know every pregnancy is a miracle, I know God is responsible for everyone of them, but God doesn’t defy science and all human reasoning to make them all happen…

The next day when we got to the office they rushed me right in to check it out. I think Dr. Penney (our fertility doctor) was just as curious to see what was going on as we were. When the images popped up on the screen I of course said “what’s that?” He said… “that’s an egg sack… with something growing in it… in your uterus… and I have no idea how it could have possibly got there”. AHHHHH!!!! The miracle!!! That’s the miracle!!! He examined me some more and even with a slight chuckle (and this man doesn’t chuckle… not even slightly) he said “I don’t know how in the world a fertilized egg, or even a sperm for that matter could get down that tube”. Let me repeat….. The miracle!!! That’s the miracle!!!

So… moral of the story. I AM KNOCKED UP! Baby McCloy will be making his/her appearance around the first week of July. Not at all what we had planned… much. much. better.


That tiny little white dot you can barely see in the middle of the black dot… that’s our baby. He/She was about 1/2 inch long when this picture was taken. Now we are up to 3/4 inch with a very obvious heart beat. We are still in shock that God chose us. It really is a modern day miracle.

  • Shannon Zinser - I had no idea, what an amazing story!!!

  • Lacy Jeffers - Wow…what hope you just gave me. I am friends with Leah Robinson and she told me about your problems and how God has worked a miracle on you. So she gave me your website to take a look. I too have had tubal pregnancies. My right tube was blocked by scar tissue and the left was open. We had our first one on my right side almost five years ago. Then we got surprisingly pregnant with Leighton! Leighton is 2.5. We have been trying over a year now…got pregnant in November and by the new year my hope of becoming a mommy again was shut down. This time…my left tube. What? I thought that was supposed to be clear. The doctor said it is and he doesn’t know why it implanted there. Still on fertility and hoping and praying because we just don’t have the $ for in vitro right now. I know He knows whats best for me and He has a plan for my family. I just want to be ok with that and trust Him. So again, your story was very encouraging to me! Thanks again for sharing!

  • Mari Pershing - I am so happy for you! Your mom was in today to get her hair cut and told me about your blog, and your beautiful pictures. She always brings in pictures of Cooper and he is so cute. The next time you are in town I would love for you to take pics of Briar and Brynn. Bobby and I would love to see you, give us a call. You have a beautiful family! God bless

  • Kim - I now believe in miracles.Cooper and this new baby are blessed to have you and Otey has parents.
    What a beautiful beautiful family you are.
    Your positive attitude Kathy is an inspiration to us all.
    I am so so lucky to have met you….

  • Casey Sumpter-Yahn - I hadn’t looked at your site in a while so I was really excited to hear your news!!!It is a wonderful miracle. Congratulations!

  • Kathy - Congrats.. Family, no matter how big or small is God’s precious gift to all. You have a miracle to pray in the shower for everyday !!!

  • crystal mcgraw - Congrats to you and your family! Amazing! God does wonderful work! Best of luck! The McGraw Family!

  • Allison Maines - What a true little miracle!!! I read your blog every now and then and what a day to check out your post! God works in amazing ways and I am sooo happy for you that he has blessed your family with another baby!
    Enjoy every second!!!!

  • Reta - Wow! Congratulations, what a miracle that only God could have made.

  • Angie Reusser - I am just so tickled and touched right now! What an amazing story and journey for your family. Take care – Much love from Indiana! – Angie



    LOVE YA!

  • Debbie - WOW! What a wonderful miracle this is! Your story has made me cry. God is so GOOD!Hugs to all of you! I will certainly help you share the Good News of this miracle with all I know for your testimony! Debbie

  • Terri Neighbors - Crying….and I don’t even know you! Congratulations!

  • laurie - wow! i am so happy for y’all! our God truly is an awesome God! obviously i’m not the only one who cried while reading the great news. it really is a blessing and a miracle. congratulations!

  • Kari - I have tears running down my face, even after hearing it from my husband yesterday. You went through the whole spill when you were here about what you and Otey have to go thru to have a baby and you knew the whole time. How did you keep the secret God does good things for good people. You and Otey are GREAT parents.

  • Billie Jo - I am so happy for your family! I love your blog and you are such an inspiration! God Bless! (Oh wait, he has again!) Congrats!

  • Heather - I can’t quit crying! God is sooooo awesome!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Can’t believe you were here and didn’t tell me!!!!! Stinker!!! I’ll let Louie know!

  • Kelli - Praise GOD!! What a great testimony. I am so happy for you guys. I have been praying for you & Otey. YIPPEE!!

  • Terry - Congrats!!! I am so happy for guys!

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