After Otey got home from work tonight, we went outside to shoot a few head-shots he needed for some work stuff.  Cooper was really intrigued and decided that he wanted to participate (he NEVER wants to participate in any kind of “posed” photos).  He of course had to wear a cowboy hat (because his Dad did) and he of course, had to wear his boots (because he was wearing a cowboy hat).   A very rare photo of Cooper sitting still AND looking at the camera.

and when I say rare…

I mean I’m pretty sure it’s the only on in existence.


  • Heather - Precious. Love it.

  • Tanya - What a great photo. I just love those boots and the smile is priceless.

  • kay - I have one on my website (www.shamrockm.com) on the mini rope can page! It is adorable too!

  • Kim - And absolutely ADORABLE I might add!
    PS. Just my opinion, but your photo so DID NOT need photoshop. You are so beautiful….you’ve got it all…gorgeous skin, beautiful teeth, beautiful eyes….what the heck are you wasting your time with ps for? YOU DON”T NEED IT YOU SILLY GIRL!

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