Some random Grady shots from the past week that haven’t made the blog yet.  I CAN NOT BELIEVE he is two weeks old already!  It seems like yesterday I was whining about being pregnant.  Now I have already moved on to whining about being sleep deprived!  I must give Cooper a GIANT shout out.  He has been an absolute saint since Saturday.  I’m talking cleaning up after himself, helping me put away groceries and switch the laundry, walking around holding my hand with no noodle leg fits.  Moral of this story… five stars for the Coopster so far this week!


Cooper in the background ticked off and crying because he didn’t want to sit on my bed for the picture.  This is naughty Cooper before someone switched him out for saintly Cooper a few days ago.


The color version of the shot from a few posts back.  Not sure which one I like better.  I love the green chair, but I am a B&W girl at heart.


Wide angle because I am forcing my self to embrace the wide side of my 24-70.  All of the photographers that I really love and want to be when I grow up shoot wide… so it’s time that I step out of my box and push myself to learn something new.  Also a little different post processing.  I’ve been trying out some new stuff with all these Grady photos.


$10 chair I bought at a flea market.  It’s very small and for some reason I really like it.  I sometimes take it with me on shoots.  Yet another new tweak on the post processing.


Oh how I love his pouty lips and his man-head of black hair.  Okay, sleeping baby overload.  One of these days I’ll post a photo of him screaming so you all don’t think he’s always this easy!

  • Leigh Taylor - OMG Kathy!! Congrats! he is gorgeous…it seems like yesterday I took your pictures and you were just tiny prego!!! WOW

  • Kim - One can NEVER have too many photos of the McCloys…sleeping or screaming!
    These are awesome Kathy.

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