Random Links

No baby yet.  Happy Sunday.

My single biggest photography inspiration, the one, the only…
Jinky… Jinky Art blog (Austrailla)

Friend of a friend that has became a friend…

Jeremi… Jeremi Jackson’s blog (Maine)

Three friends from the Photography workshop I attended in February…
Dana… Short & Sweet Photography blog  (Canada)
Alex…  Alexandra Frankel Photography blog  (California)
Kim…  Kim McMillan’s blog (Canada)

And I can’t believe I’m admitting to this one.  I even check it when I’m not pregnant.  It’s like an online celebrity gossip magazine… but all about their strollers/carseats/baby gadgets/kids clothes.  There are also TONS of links to really cool online baby/kid stores that you can’t find anywhere else.  Go check it out… I won’t tell anyone…
Baby Chic 101 blog 

  • Kim - Well, I am honored to be in such an amazing group of photographers and women….I mean it girls…..looking forward to our reunion!!!!!! And to the entrance of Baby McCloy…..

  • Dana Pugh - Hey you!!! You beat me to it!!! I was going to put you on my blog!!! Wow…thanks. Can’t wait to hear that the baby is here and happy. Love your blog and your work(but you know that)… Dana 😉

  • Jeremi - 🙂 Me too! And Baby No Name needs to get here ASAP!

  • Heather Mears - Okay, here’s what I think. This is the Mears theory on Kathy’s baby…He is refusing to make an entrance into this world early because he knows that he has NO NAME! I think he’s decided that as soon as you’ve given him a name, he will then decide to get shakin’ and movin’! He’s thinking “Okay mom, No name yet? Then I’m stayin’ put!” Quit trying labor starting tricks….give your kid a name!

  • Alexandra Frankel - WOW, I’m honored to be on your blog! You ROCK!

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