Random. Again.

We are all in Millington, Tennessee.   Together.    Living in the camper for a few days, Otey doing his old job, me secretarying… just like it used to be.  Feels comfortable… like being home again.

Lakisha Jones got voted off of American Idol last night.  That’s good.  So far they are pretty much falling in the order I would pick minus that whole Sanjaya fiasco.  I still really like Blake because he is so different, but Jordin is so perky and happy, and man, Melinda can sing.  I’m okay with whatever the result now.  I think the three best are left and I will be downloading songs by all of them. 

We got our loan on our new house and we move in July 1st.  Actually, the current owners are going to be out July 1st, and I have NO IDEA when we are going to move.  We are only in Iowa a few days in July.  Ahhh!!!  Thanks to my few painting volunteers that will arrive at my house Sunday night.  My cousin Heather volunteered, and actually, my Mom got drafted.  I did have an offer from THE BECKER to supervise, but I doubt he’s really going to make the trip from California.  If there are any more Hautians out there that want to get in the paint-mobile… they are leaving Sunday afternoon and going back whenever I release them from my evil clutches… HA! HA! HA! (that was my head thrown back evil laugh).  I have made several changes to my "real" webpage including updating my calender until the end of the year.  If you ever would like to come and visit us on the road, you can check there to see where in the world we are!  www.kathymccloy.com

Oh ya… thanks for all of the "Love" you’ve been giving me… it’s great reading your comments!

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