I survived a VERY long weekend.  A fun weekend, but a long one. Grady and I were on the road for 16 hours on Wednesday.  We left Iowa at 9am and arrived in Montgomery, Alabama at 3am on Thursday morning.  I worked from 1pm that afternoon until 11ish.  On Friday I unlocked my office door at 6:20am, and finished at almost midnight.  Saturday was a twelve hour work day, and then Sunday morning Grady and I headed out and made the trip home in 15 hours.  He is SUCH a great traveler.  I swear on Wednesday I drove two five hour tanks (that’s when you fill up and drive until your tank is empty again) and he NEVER MADE ONE SINGLE PEEP.  Ten hours.  Not a peep.  I kept glancing in the backseat to make sure I didn’t leave him in some gas station bathroom.  When I got him out of his seat when I’d stop to fuel he just laughed and played.  He’s like his mama… he digs the road.  Maybe he’s going to grow up and be a truck driver.

Did you watch Dancing with the Stars tonight?  Ya… Ty Murray didn’t dance so good… but we rodeo people stick together… I voted.

And now the randomness… I was thinking I didn’t really have a photo to post tonight.  I hate blogging with out a photo, because I know you hate it.  So… I opted for the random photo selection.  I picked a random number.  Went to my 2008 session folder.  Counted down that many folders, opened up that session, and then counted down that many images and I ended up with this…


Those Crayons are from the kids table at Ashley & Wade’s wedding.  The table was wrapped in brown paper so the kids could color all over it… and boy did they.  Here’s that same crisp clean table towards the end of the reception…


Random.  I know… but I’m sleep deprived and at least you can’t say there weren’t any photographs.

Glad I’m back.

  • Rikki Jost - I recognized that picture right away! We actually blew it up and have it hanging in Sam’s room.

  • Kim - We’re glad you’re back too!

  • Tanya - Thank heavens for great traveling kids, we couldn’t do the racing thing if Trey wasn’t a good traveler.
    I am a huge Dancing with the stars fan and I am so with you on Ty Murray. He was so out of his comfort zone and now that the first dance is over he can calm down and press on towards the trophy.
    Thanks for the pictures they were great, as always!

  • Heather - I like your random photos…I think you should do that every now and again. Just pull out your old files and choose a random pic. It’s fun and I like seeing pics that haven’t been posted on your blog before!

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