Public Apology

Okay… here is my public apology to my friend Laura.  Laura, I’m sorry for posting a picture of your son with snot running out his nose, pizza on his face, his tongue sticking out, and his eyes crossed (if you missed that shot click HERE). Does that make the apology not seem sincere since I’m inviting everyone to view it again?  Oh well.  Here is a post to make up for it.  Laura’s son Lance is still all boy like the other post said, just a little cleaner in these shots! 




As you can see from the above photo, Lance is a dirt bike/4wheeler rider, but he is also a champion gymnast.  He was flip flopping all over the yard while I was trying to take his picture.  Hopefully these pics made up for the last one!  Let’s just blame it on Lance’s dad, Travis.  These reflect his Mom’s personality, and the last one shows off all the genes he acquired from his Dad!

  • Laura - Great apology! You know we LOVE you! These new pictures are great!! Can’t wait to see all of them!!

    LOVE YA!

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