Potty Talk

I swear this is probably the most random blog on the planet. One day you’re naming my kid, the next you’re looking at a recent photo shoot, I refer you to all kinds of cray sites and today… today you are giving me potty training advice! I wonder how many potential clients I scare away on a daily basis?
Over the past couple weeks Cooper has started peeing on the “big boy potty”. Every single time I have ever sat him on it and told him to go pee-pee… he does. I can tell he really tries hard to go when I ask him to, even if it’s two little drips. Best part is, he is sooooo proud of himself when he does it. He throws his hands in the air and yells “I did it!”. Problem is, he never mentions going on it unless I strip him off and set him on it. Every book I’ve read says the worst thing you can do it push them if they aren’t ready, so my question is… what now? Do I just randomly pick a few times a day to set him on it (that’s what is happening currently) and let him keep wearing diapers until he starts telling me he has to go? Do I bust out the Diego underwear and see how it goes? He’s so stinkin’ busy all of the time, I just can’t imagine him stopping to tell me he has to go. I know he understands because he goes every single time I set him on it… Help. What’s next?

  • Julie R - Found your site through the 4L link. WL always talked about how good it is, I agree! Enjoyed seeing you in Monticello. Okay, our potty training experiences have been interesting. Son #1 was suddenly put in cute underwear just after his 2nd birthday and, with only a few accidents, got the whole peeing thing down pretty quick. Wet underoos are not comfortable. Mastering #2 was a whole different story. He would absolutely scream bloody murder anytime there was activity in that area. I thought he had a severe illness, but he was just scared of the poop! We may have been overanxious to get him out of diapers since son #2 was in them. It took a while to calm his fears, but now he is 21 and doesn’t have any trouble. On the bright side, son #2 just wanted to be like his big brother, minus the screaming, and it was a breeze. So there is great hope for “no name” to be potty trained effortlessly. Since you wrote about this in March, this comment may be obsolete, but your blog about potty training brought back happy??? memories as I am struggling with cutting the apron strings.

  • Kim - I got the lazy mother of the year award with both my kids….I just waited til they told me they didn’t want to wear diapers anymore.
    It was painless with my daugher. We had a few accidents with my son, but all in all, it worked for us. Of course it’s not for everyone, but I like the easy way!!!!!!!

  • Bree - okay, I will say, DO NOT RUSH ANYTHING!! My daughter has just mastered the potty(for the most part) and she is nearly 3. Around 18 mos to 2 she was really excited and went really well for about a week or two, then back to nothing. We were using a sticker chart on the bathroom door, which worked for a while, but that excitement soon faded. What worked was when we told her that if she could use the potty and keep her pull-up dry all day, we would get Dora panties. That was the solution. Thank the Wal-Mart Lord for Dora and Princess panties! Now we reward with 1 sucker (a LITTLE one) when we get home with the same (dry) panties we went to day-care in that morning. We had also rewarded for the first week or two of dry-all-day 5 days in a row, with a small toy. And of course the constant reminders of why we got that certain toy or sucker never hurt. More than anything, just be patient, in case he gets bored with it all. Somehow they just figure it out in their own timing.

  • Terry & Anne Marie - The outdoor watering works, so does imitating daddy but put a stool in front so he can stand like a big boy. Remember NO CASH names.

  • dad - maby you should get him kid potty so he can go him self. put his diego’s on & put the potty where he’s playing . that may atract him to try the potty as part of his playing.

  • Blog Stalker # 1 - Spring is the best and easiest time to start potty training boys. Make it fun. Your plants will never need watering again. For inside place a cheerio in the toliet and make it a game to hit the cheerio. Good Luck!

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