Poor Baby

Long Day.  Cooper is sick.  I don’t know if he’s sick, or if it’s related to ALL of his back chompers coming through at the exact same time.  He has had a temperature of around 100* for three days.  He wants someone to hold him the entire time he is awake.  I woke up with a THROBBING headache and it’s still going strong.  It really hasn’t had a chance to lighten up considering Cooper has cried all day and about half the time is crier is three inches from my ear.  It breaks my heart when he feels bad.  Today, it also broke my head.  To ice the day, Otey called about 3:30 to tell me that one of the Dodge Field Reps (Otey’s old job) was really sick and Otey was the only trained rep that wasn’t already assigned to another rodeo.  Moral of the story, Otey has already left for the airport to fly to Texas for the week + weekend.  We are supposed to have an open house on Sunday.  Thank goodness my Mom is coming tomorrow night.  We were going to finish up the new house, but with Cooper sick and Otey having to leave, I might just need her to keep Cooper so I can get our old house and yard ready for Sunday.  So much for a couple of weeks at home to relax 🙂

I got another canvas in while we were gone to Arkansas.  I am totally in love with my canvas company, Simply Canvas.  As soon as we get moved in to our new house, I am going to order a few.  I want to wait until we get all of our stuff in so I can find the perfect spots, and the perfect images.  Here are some more canvas detail images…


Saturday before last I shot some family pics for Rhonda.  They have a farm close to Ottumwa where five generations of their family still live.  Five!  That’s crazy. Grandma, Mom, Rhonda… her kids, and her grandkids.  Here is a picture of the original family house with a little antiquing…


The feet are starting to roll in… this is so fun!  SEND ME YOUR FEET! Photo Contest #1 – Send me a picture of feet. Your feet, your husband’s feet, your kid’s feet… any set of feet. Email your entry along with your mailing address (in case you win) to standingup@aol.com Type FEET in the subject line. Entry deadline is… Friday, August 10th @ midnight.

  • Kathy - That canvas is 20 inches square

  • Heather - what size is this canvas? love the detail!

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