I am dead on my feet. This is going to be a super cliff notes version of my past few days because I am FINALLY headed to bed…

I’ve converted all this to central time so you can really get the full effect of my “pooped-ness”.

Fri 3am – Leave Ottumwa for airport
Fri 3pm – Finally arrive San Francisco after weather delays in Minneapolis
Fri 5pm – Check in Hotel & visit with my roommates & go out to dinner
Fri 9pm – Workshop welcome mixer
Sat 2am – Go to bed
Sat 8am – Get up, get ready, head to workshop
Sat 7pm – Workshop is done for the day, head out to see a few sights
Sat 9pm – Eat dinner & go to room
Sun 2am – Finish talking and give up for the night
Sun 8am – Get up, get ready, head to the workshop
Sun 5pm – Workshop is over head to my two “must sees” before I leave SF
Sun 11pm – Fly out of California
Sun 3am – Try to sleep on the floor in the Detroit airport… ha…
Mon 7am – Fly out of Detroit
Mon 10am – Dig my car out of a snowbank at the airport (I love Iowa)
Mon 2pm – Arrive home
Mon 5pm – Take entries for college rodeo
Tues 12am – just finished setting the rodeo and headed to bed.

If you’d like to figure the math… that’s 12 hours of sleep in a bed in the last 92 hours. That is HARD on a fat lady! All of that said… I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME!!! I am going to be blogging about it all week. I’m just too tired tonight and I’m still wearing the same clothes I put on Sunday morning in California (remember… I haven’t been to bed yet). Just for fun (since I’m WAY too tired to really edit any of the 1000’s of photos I have shot in the past three days… here’s a little teaser… does anyone know the significance of what I’m hiding from you here? First person to comment correctly wins a… wins a…. wins nothing but I’ll think you are full of useless information and more importantly really fun!


  • Alexandra Frankel - So glad you arrived home safely. I can’t believe I lucked out on such an awesome roommate, Kathy, you’ve just made a friend for life. I can’t believe you’re so organized and so wise beyond your years. You just make me want to be a better person. Love you gal! Say hi to Cooper and Odie from me!!!

  • Stormi - my guess was going to be something like “a street” but everyone else was much more creative.

  • kathy - So far you are all right! Although you are much smarter then me Aunt Harriet… I only new about the houses from the opening of Full House.

  • Marilyn Knutson - green grass you haven’t seen for a looooong time

  • aunt harriet/mom - famos street of painted ladies in SF. The house where Sally Field and Robbin Williams were parents in a movie that I cannot remember the name of…

  • Matt - Full House!! Right? –Alamo Square and the Painted Ladies.

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