Poke my eyes out with a toothpick!

Seriously… if I EVER mention going to a mass-trick-or-treating deal in front of you…. just gauge my eyeballs out with a toothpick. That would be a lot less painful. I had the brilliant idea to take Cooper to Bloomfield, Iowa tonight to their city wide trick-or-treat. All the stores on the court square stay open late and you take your kids around to each store to trick-or-treat. What was I thinking? I tell you what I was thinking… I was thinking that there would be a bunch of cute kids smiling and walking from door to door with Halloween cheer. Not. Quite. There were everything from teenagers to infants to scary adults… there were lines, and crowds, and people cutting in line, and obnoxious little text messaging preteens. It was just not exactly what we thought it would be. The idea is nice, and the people at each store were nice, but the inbetween was AWFUL! We decided that next year we would take the ten dollars it took us in diesel to drive there, go buy a bunch of candy, dress Cooper up, and stay home! If I get over my anti-trick-or-treat fit, we’re headed out for some more traditional trick-or-treating on Wednesday night. A couple positives on the night… my kid said trick-teat and thank you to almost everyone. Oh ya… and he did look pretty darn cute! He’s a monkey if you couldn’t tell by the ears…


  • Heather - I seem to remember a time that YOU talked ME into taking Lexi, Lenzi & Alex to Deming Park for the annual Egg Hunt…it was a mob scene…remember…parents were fighting over eggs for their kids…”hey, my kid got here 1st”. NEVER went again!!! ha ha

  • cody - ook ook!

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