I didn’t think I’d feel like being witty and entertaining (come on… you know that’s why you keep coming back to my blog) after everything started with my Grandma tonight, so I typed this on Sunday night and set it to post now….

Did you all know that my husband was an awesome bronc rider back in the day?  Otey rodeoed full time (going to about 125 rodeos a year) for almost ten years.  Pretty much his entire adult life before me.  When we got together he had started slowing down and was mostly just going to smaller circuit rodeos.  Here are some copy written – shouldn’t be posting on my blog – shot by other photographers – scanned on a crappy scanner years ago – photos…



I would give photo credits on those… but I don’t know who shot them.  We have the originals at home that have been bought and paid for.  I could say I would look their names up and post them later… but that would probably be a lie.  Anywho, here is a video clip of Otey riding at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada (my first video clip on the blog)…

People used to ask me all the time if it scared me when he rode.  The answer to that is always… 100% of the time… no.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because he had been doing it for so long when we got together, maybe because I knew he was good at it, maybe because I had been around rodeo years before I ever met Otey…  I’m not sure why, but it never scared me.  That is until just the other day.  Otey hasn’t been on a bronc since the 2005 Great Lake Circuit Finals and a few weeks ago he got his saddle back out.  I was excited about the prospect of watching him win again… not to mention I was excited about all the extra income from prize money checks starting up again… but when he went up to a friends house where they were going to be bucking some practice horses that night, and I couldn’t go, for the first time ever I got a little knot in my stomach.  It’s not because I don’t think he can ride anymore.  I know he can still ride way better then most of the guys I write checks to every weekend… I think I’m just out of practice at being a "rodeo wife".  He didn’t end up getting on that night.  Just worked on his saddle and got everything set and feeling good.  It’s going to be fun to see if he decides to enter again.  It’s so much fun to see the person you love (this is when I should type something inspirational… instead I’m going to type what I’m really thinking) kick everyones butt.

  • rodeo, rods, and annoyingness (I know that’s not a real word Mom) » Kathy McCloy Photography - […] My husband rode Saddle Bronc horses as a professional rodeo cowboy for almost 10 years. For the past six years he has still rode off and on. With my work schedule, and his work schedule, he probably went to  20 rodeos or so last year.  When rodeo was his only source of income, he would travel to 125 some years.  Does it scare me?  No.  Weird, huh?  I guess because I was around it before Otey, or maybe because of my confidence in his skill level, I just have never worried about him getting hurt.  Now that you have a little background, here’s how my weekend went…. […]

  • cody - Hahah — that video is soooo old, where did you find it?? I’m glad to hear he’s thinking about entering again, it’s always fun to watch your brother “kick butt.”

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