One. More. Day. (long sigh)

Grady and I haven't see Otey in almost three weeks, and Cooper… poor pitiful little Cooper hasn't seen his Dad since Thanksgiving Day. I don't know who misses who the most, but Cooper talks about Otey everyday. Saturday night on the way back to my Mom and Dads from my cousin's wedding Cooper said… "Mama, can we go to Iowa?" I said "No Coop, it's too far to drive tonight." He answered with "Uhhhh…. how about Las Vegas?" Pretty funny coming from the mouth of a two year old. I ALWAYS tell Cooper the truth and try to explain things to him. So when he has asked where Otey was over the past few weeks I have answered with, Texas, New Mexico, Las Vegas, and Iowa. I guess he just figured if we couldn't see him in Iowa, Vegas would work! I've been telling Cooper for weeks that Daddy was going to take us to the ocean after Christmas. The other day someone asked him where Otey was and he said "Dad's at the beach". OH!!! This one has nothing to do with Otey, but holy cow is it funny. Cooper doesn't really "get" Christmas. We talk about Santa, and we talk about Baby Jesus, but I haven't made a big deal about the presents or anything. I've made it a point not to use the "You better be good… Santa's watching" thing. He better be good because Mama is watching! Anyway, Cooper and I walked in to Menards on Friday and there was one of those big plastic tacky yard Santas holding his big green bag of toys. Cooper said "Look Mommy! Santa! Santa's picking up the Garbage!" Holy. Cow. I love him. I'm a little off subject, but the moral of this whole post is TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!! I pick Otey up in Peoria, Illinois tomorrow night and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • Lori Leonard-Swaim - Have a Merry Christmas…tell everyone I said hello.

  • amy Stamm - glad you can all be back together…have a great Christmas from Indiana! Amy

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