One Hot Mama

We are in North Platte, Nebraska tonight just about four hours from our destination… Cheyenne, Wyoming for the "Daddy of them All".  Otey will be working the rodeo for the next week and Cooper and I will be hanging out.  I’m going to shoot pictures for Dodge at some of the performances, so check back for some rodeo action shots.  For now, here is one of my favorite images from Erica, Bucky, and Averi’s maternity session.  Not your typical prego shot… but not your typical Mom either…


Bucky’s has a business that does stuff with old cars (that sounded really intelligent… like restoration or something) and this is his current ride.  Pretty fun shot right out in the street by their way fun house.  Every room in their newly renovated home has one wall that is painted as bright as bright can be…. hot pink, purple, turquoise, orange… it is awesome!  Like I said… not your typical Mom… way better!  One more just for fun…


Off to slumber land.

  • Cami Jeffers - Kathy,
    I love this picture. Let me know when your coming to Heathers and maybe you can take my kids pic’s. By the way I am Taylor’s mom. We meant once I believe. ha ha

  • Erica - Man! That thing was HUGE!….still kinda is!

  • Erica - Oh Yea!!!! I love them! I’ve been trying SO hard to be patient so thanks for the fix!!! You’re awesome! 🙂

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