Oh happy Day! (sort of)

The “OH HAPPY DAY!” title marks the half way point! I am 20wks pregnant, and only 20wks more to go! The (sort of) is in reference to the sad state of affairs around our house this weekend. Otey is sick. He was up half the night Friday night and barely peeled himself off of the couch today. I am fighting it off like some sort of anti-sick-nija. I felt at about 40% today… but by-golly… that’s as bad as I am going to let it get! At one point this afternoon Otey was on one couch, I was on the other couch, and Cooper was running around the house like a raving lunatic throwing toys and doing every naughty thing he could think of. I just looked at Otey and said… “seriously, where’s a Grandma when you need one?” Hopefully we will wake to a healthier day tomorrow.

Only 140 more days until we meet baby “what’s his name”. We aren’t having any luck agreeing on a name yet. I have one LOVE and several LIKES, but everytime I suggest one I get the “yuck” face from my husband. Any fresh suggestions from neutral parties?

  • Kelli - I think you should have a contest. You know, name the McCloy baby. You could then let your blog stalkers vote on the ones they like best. Just a thought:)

  • codymc - How about “Buck” ?


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