The McCloy clan (Louie included) made the six hour drive to Cape Girardeau, Missouri last night. We got here around midnight and Cooper decided we needed a 6:30am wake up call. Lovely. We didn’t bring his crib tent so I woke up this morning with him sitting on my pillow about 1/2 inch from my nose, bent over with his finger pressed on his lips saying “shhhhh”. I guess I should be grateful that he was whispering “shhhh” and not screaming in my ear. We just got back from a little continental breakfast and are all being lazy until I have to head to work right after lunch. I’m really excited about being back to work. Every year I have from Thanksgiving to the first weekend of February off with no rodeos and hardly any photo sessions and I start to go stir crazy. It’s nice to be back on the road and have my brain thinking about something other then buzz lightyear, cooking dinner and changing poopy diapers. I am so blessed to get to stay home with Cooper (and baby #2 soon). Otey and I both feel like that’s the best decision for our family, and we make a huge effort to plan our travel schedules so one of us can be with Cooper 99% of the time. A few times a year we have to call in Grandparent reinforcements (Cooper probably wishes that was more often). Just this past week we sat down with our 2008 calendars and pretty much have all of our travel plans, and Cooper’s plans nailed down until January 2009. Between my photo sessions on the road, my rodeo schedule, Otey’s travel for work, and now this year Otey’s planning on starting to enter some rodeos again, it takes ALOT of planning. If any of you are looking for a weekend away from home and some time with a wild child, we are always looking for “take along” babysitters. The pay stinks, but we promise you’ll have fun!

For any of you who were wondering what we do to keep Cooper entertained in the hotel room… he’s now REALLY into climbing. Here’s a little clip of some of his OCD behavior. He did this NON-STOP at least 30 times in a row (please don’t report us to child services). Just listen to him giggle…

  • Heather - He’s soooooooooo YOU!!!!

  • Kelly Smith - I had to show the video to the people I work with!! It is too funny!!

  • Bree - You should send it to America’s Funniest Home Videos!! It’s like the toddler gymnastics!

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