Nash Potato

That’s right my friends… Nash Potato.  Not as gangster as Coop-Diddy or G-Funk, but I just can’t help myself.  That’s what I’ve been calling him for the past three weeks.


My tiny little baby is three weeks old already!  Time has just flown by since January 23rd.  Cooper turned 4, I turned 32, and my Mom and Otey have kept our house running.  This whole c-section thing has TOTALLY kicked my booty.  With my first two kids I just squirted them out and got right back to my normal life.  Nash… not so much.  I’m still no where close to 100%.  Today I realized just how fast the tiny newborn days have slipped away and I locked myself in my room with little Nash Potato and tried to capture the last few fleeting moments.  I have TONS of photos to share with you from the past three weeks, but here’s ten minutes from our house today.


  • amy stamm - PRECIOUS!!!! he is REALLY sweet!!!

  • Amanda McLeod - Oh I just love that first close up of his tiny little lips!

  • Farming Fabulously - Nash Potato is adorable!

  • Brooke - He is absolutely beautiful!

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