snow. everywhere. again. The bonus is that this time it’s on top of all the water that is left from the melting of the last snow storm. yuck. Cooper and I went to town yesterday afternoon to run a couple of errands and when we left our house it was just barely misting a little rain, and by the time we left our first stop, Cooper was pointing out the window yelling “snow! snow!” There were flakes about the size of a half dollar. They were so HUGE I stopped and took a picture with my phone to post on the blog but it just doesn’t even do them justice.

It’s funny how Cooper is all of the sudden having big opinions on what he wants to eat. Thank goodness he really likes healthy stuff the best. When I get him up in the morning I change his diaper and then as soon as I turn him loose he runs straight to the refrigerator and hangs on the handles yelling… “eggys!!!!” The little porker has a two egg ham and cheese omelet and toast nearly every morning. His very VERY favorite food right now is bananas. We have one of those cute wooden hooks that you hang your bananas on, and it sits on top of our refrigerator. About twice a day Cooper once again hangs from the refrigerator handles and yells “nana!!!” I tell ya, NOTHING makes that kid as happy as a banana does.


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