Name Game

Baby “what’s his name” needs a name! Naming Cooper was easy. This time IT IS NOT EASY. We can’t seem to agree on ANY names. Here is your chance. PLEASE speak up and be heard. Leave your suggestions in the comments of this blog entry. Here are the rules…

1. No unisex names (ex… Pat, Tracy, Reece, etc)

2. Must be readable. When someone sees is on paper they must know exactly how to say it. Prime example… my husband Otey. Name is pronounced O-DEE (like the dog on Garfield). When telemarketers call they say OUGHT-EEE.

3. Must be spellable. I have spent my entire life with people asking me if my name is with a “C” or a “K”. That’s why Cooper is just plain old Cooper… so I can say… “you know, like the tires”.

4. Can’t be in the top 50 or so baby names in 2007. I don’t want him to have the same name as 3 other kids in his class.

5. His middle name will most likely be Arthur after Otey’s Grandpa George.

That is your mission. Now is not the time to stalk this blog quietly! How about you 198 or so people that read this blog daily and don’t comment… NAME MY BABY!!!

  • taylor - i like max and austin
    austin arthur mccloy
    max arthur mccloy

  • taylor - i like max and austin
    austin arthur mccloy
    max arthur mccloy

  • Terry & Anne Marie - We like Chance, Colt, Colter, Pistol. NO CASH’S

  • Kelli - How ’bout Matlock McCloy.

  • stormi - Okay, I am going for Gage Arthur McCloy or I like Uncle Johns name. How about John Arthur McCloy? Now that just sounds like a distinguishing name. And yes I know I spelled that word wrong!

  • codymc - how about Wyatt? I also like Nathan or Nathanial

    if you want the c sound — i think Conner or Kyle would be cool. 🙂

    (notice i resisted suggesting Cody)

  • Aimee - So this was really hard, I had several names, but half of them were on the most popular list, so here’s what’s left: Tate, Corbin, Cobi. I think there are a lot of great names above too! Good luck!

  • sahala - Cam and Carson have both been McCloy names. Don’t know if you want to keep going with the “c” but they would sound good with Cooper.

  • Laura - How about Tristan? Not sure if that is the correct spelling. Angie was going to use that if she had a boy but…after 3 girls I think she has given up!! She got that name off of a movie and Brad Pitt was the character.

  • Erica - Holy cow! Your friends are helpful! That’s funny most of the names I was going to tell you are alrealdy listed. Not sure if that is good or bad. Luke is at the top of my list. I like Sterling, Cole, Coleman, and Max but I really think you all should use Cash. It just fits! Hope that helps!

  • Mary Kay - Will McCloy sounds too much like the Real McCoy. I like the alliteration of the hard C sound in Cooper McCloy. You would get the same effect with Carter, Cameron, Jacob, Jack, or Kyle.
    (Unfortunately, all are in the top 50. Jacob is #1). Good luck!

  • Kelly Smith - What about Caden (I know that could be spelled several ways, so I broke a rule, but…)Caden Arthur McCloy. Plus Cooper and Caden rolls well together!

  • dad - trever-trevor Trever Arthur Mccloy

  • Marilyn Knutson - What about Reed,Max,or Rex

  • Holly - Howdy. I really like Howdy! Howdy McCloy…what do you think Otey?

  • Blog Stalker # 1 - Spencer Arthur McCloy

  • Sharon Turner - Okay, I know I already posted but here is another distinguishing name: Sterling Arthur McCloy!

  • Sharon Turner - The other name I had picked for my Cooper was Stetson. I also really like Riley and Dawson. Looks like you have some great suggestions so far!

  • Billie Jo - Jackson, Rhett, Jacob, Riley, Joshua, William (Will for short)…good luck little lady!

  • Bree - how about…..Lane, Ty, Blake, Zane, Brian, Layton, Logan, Ethan, Garrett, Peyton (I know it can be used for a girl, but I think it’s a boy’s name)

  • Alexandra Frankel - Boys I think are a lot harder than girls to name, I can understand the difficulty, it was really hard to name our second baby too. Goodluck, I hope you get a lot of good ideas. My entries are: Liam Arthur McCloy… or Ronan Arthur McCloy.

  • leah - I have several that I like… Miles, Simon, Quinn, Brock and Grant…

  • Katie, Chip & Caroline - I have listed every name I can think of and provided it to you. I can do no more, but I am this week I am feeling Cash.

  • Jeremi Jackson - Luke. Best boy name (hehe). And it goes good with Cooper 🙂
    Luke Arthur. Perfect.

    I’m dying to hear about the workshop. Dare I ask you to email and tell what you thought???

  • Dana Pugh - Ooooh I like Hunter…how about Harrison? I wish I could use that name, but alas my last name puts it out of contention.

  • Marilyn Knutson - My entry is Hunter.

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