Multi Tasking

I am FINALLY home!  After over 1500 miles in the last four and a half days, I am finally snug in my own bed.  Otey also returned home from his rodeo this evening so all is well in McCloy land.  I picked Cooper up this afternoon and I was SOOOOO happy to see him.  I swear he grew in four days.  I really like that little guy.  Thanks Gma & Gpa McCloy, Cooper had a blast.

I shot a few pictures at the college rodeo this weekend.  On Friday morning we have "slack".  Slack is just the extra contestants that wouldn’t fit in to one of the night performances.  They still compete for the same prize money, just not in front of an admission paying crowd.  My secretary duties are a little lighter during slack, so it gives me a little time to multi task.  This weekend, that meant shooting the barrel racing slack.  Barrel Racing pictures always all look exactly the same.  This is a traditional Barrel Racing shot…


and this is a barrel racing shot that makes me happy…


The first shot is the one people want to buy, but I really enjoy shooting out of the box (as most of you know) just to keep the creative juices flowing!

  • aunt harriet/mom - I am with you, I like the second picture of a barrel racer best.
    Glad you all are home safe and sound.
    Am glad to know when you all are coming and going, that way I know when to pray protection on the highways for you all.
    Love you
    give Coop a hug and kiss and one for Otey too.

  • mom - Those pics were grreat. The 2nd one looked just like you. Bet Copper Duper was glad to see you both too. Glad to hear your home safe and sound. Well you just got to know if I were your parents I would be in a constant worry the way you travel. How is Cooper doin?

  • Angie Reusser - I swear that second picture looks exactly like you in high school, barrel racing. Do you think?

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