Mr. Needy

Quick Business notes…

Saturday, August 9AMish – I have room for one more session in the Terre Haute, Indiana area this weekend.

Sunday, September 7th 9AMish – I have one opening left in September for the Marshall, Missouri area. If you are planning on a fall session in or around Marshall and you don't already have one booked, this could be your last chance. The other September weekend, and the October weekend are already full.

Grady is NEEDY. I don't know how else to put it. I don't know if I've ruined him, or if he's just going through a little "needy" phase, but I am having a LOT of trouble getting anything done. I got up this morning with intentions of knocking out my last two sessions that need edited, and I might have got five pictures edited all day today. That was even with Cooper gone for half the day!

My office at 1:30AM this morning with Mr. Needy catnapping in between many stretches of neediness…


The boys and I leave for Indiana early on Thursday morning (my sessions start Thursday night) and I don't even have all the laundry from this past weekend done yet.  Wednesday is going to be a BUSY day here at the McCloy ranch!  I need one of those easy buttons like on the commercial. 

  • Kim - All I can see is that beautiful big Mac screen! And of course that sweet needy baby…..never mind about the laundry…it’s so over rated!

  • Alex - Oy! I don’t know how you do it!!! Hang in there…

  • brandy - take your clothes to the wash-and-fold(most laundromat or cleaners has this service). drop ’em in the am and pick ’em up in the pm. just make sure they don’t smoke!

  • Sahala - I think all babies go through a stage like that, I know both mine did. I think they finally really wake up and then they have to learn to sleep again. It won’t be long!!

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