Moving Day 3

First off, a little “toot toot” of my own horn… remember my cupcake photo from a few posts back? Well I didn’t win the contest, but I did make the top five out of over six hundred entries! Pretty exciting! If you want to see the other four that beat me (arghhh) you can check them out on blu domain’s blog. There is a link to your right under photo sites.

I know I skipped moving day 2, but I didn’t shoot any pictures that day. Moving Day 3 was Saturday and the Ormans came to help move the last of the big stuff. Refrigerator, Stove, Beds… etc. They brought their little girl, Dally. She is about ten months older then Cooper and they play really well together. Cooper and Dally decided to help themselves to an apple out of one of the refrigerator boxes so they were both all sticky and gross. Here they are SLIMMING the sliding glass door. If you are wondering, yes… they are locked outside.


A few posts back I had a blog entry titled “A face only a Mother could love”. Well, I think I should have saved it for this post. Here you go Mike & Lori… you’re sweet precious baby girl…


I have tons more family photos to go through and post, but I’m just covered up with photo editting and orders. I’m not complaining, I’m sooooo greatful to not have any free time! You know, we do have two houses to pay for! Here are a couple more of Ashton. Her gallery has went live for her to view so I guess I can share as many as I’d like now! A few of my favorites…






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