Mouth to Mouth

Cleaning.  I have a serious love-hate relationship with housework.  The thought of doing it makes me cringe, but knowing the euphoric feelings a really clean house will bring me makes me long for the agony of house work.  Today I did some mega cleaning around the house for the first time since Grady was born (two weeks instead of my usual every couple of days) and OH how I forgot how much joy I can milk out of a spotless bathroom!  I told Otey the other day that instead of buying Birthday presents, Christmas Presents, or Anniversary presents this year, I just want to hire a cleaning lady to come in every couple of weeks and do all my windows and the hardwood floors.  Those are the two household chores that I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE.  I do them anyway (you know… that euphoric feeling I talked about a few sentences back makes it worth it) but I HATE IT!  But seriously, how do you find a good cleaning lady?  I hired a service to clean our old house before we moved in and they came no where close to getting it clean enough to make me happy.  If you live in Ottumwa and have a great cleaning lady, email me.  Better yet, if you are a cleaning lady in Ottumwa and want some fun family photos in exchange for some housework, email me yourself!  Could I ever get that lucky?

Mouth to Mouth…
Here’s a little outtake from Sunday’s mini photo session…


Does it not look like Cooper has Grady’s nose pinched shut and is giving him Mouth to Mouth?  I laughed out loud when this photo opened on my screen.  Actually, there are about five more of them that look just as bad.  I know you can’t tell in this photo, but he really is being pretty sweet.  Who knows… maybe he has a future as a paramedic.

Here are a couple more that are a little more what I was looking for.  I don’t know what it is about photos of my own kids, but for some reason I have been trying all kinds of new post processing.  Maybe it’s my hormones… maybe it’s being locked in my house for two weeks straight.


This last one makes my heart happy.   I love that you can see Grady’s little cord and Cooper looks so sweet and innocent… and Otey overseeing it all… makes me all warm and fuzzy.


  • Kim - I am soooooooooo on a plane and coming down there to clean your house…just don’t tell my mom as she will then ask who’s going to clean mine?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don’t have a newborn or any kids in the house right now!

    Love the mouth to mouth shot of Cooper and Grady-that is priceless!

  • Heather Mears - Beautiful photos! Just wondering…does Grady ever get to wear clothes at your house!???????

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