More More Grady


Boy did Grady change a lot over the past six weeks of being on the road. MY BABY IS SIX MONTHS OLD.  It breaks my heart… is makes my ovaries ache for another one… I wish I could just pause time.  When we left home he was barely rolling over, and now he's army scooting all over my house! I forgot what it is like having a little munchkin that wants to put everything in his mouth! We're getting ready to have to do some major re-baby proofing. Back to the days of gates on the stairs, and the bathroom door shut. My sweet baby is on the road to little boy.

First time swimming…


First time eating with a spoon (and Man does he dig it)…


First time at the zoo.  Grandma (or as Coop would put it… Mear-ma) pushing him in my beloved Quinny Buzz  and Maxi Cosi Infant Seat.


I've had several questions about the little Pink House on the beach that we stayed at.  It's called the Granger House and it was just south of Clearwater right on the Gulf.


More family & home stuff coming later today.

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