More Easter

Oh my Gosh!  I found another egg!  When I shake it… it rattles…. I bet it’s another cookie!


Just stay focused…  Find the egg, put it in the basket…  Find the egg, put it in the basket…  NEVER make eye contact with Mom and the camera.


These are my cousins.  Lexi and Lenzi are sisters, and Alex and Evan are brothers.  I’m sticking to my game plan… NEVER make eye contact with Mom.


I gave my cousin Lenzi a candy bar that was in an egg I found (my Mom said I was too little to eat it) and she gave me a thank you hug.


My Aunt Harriet gave me a really fun phone that talks in three languages!  My Mom thinks it might be a remote control and not a phone, but I still walk around with it up to my ear shouting "hello!".


Are these guys crazy or what? 


  • Grandma/ Mom - Don’t I have the cutest grandkids you’ve ever seen. A little crazy sometimes, but cute !

  • Heather - ok, I HAVE to have a picture of the 4 kids being goofy!!! Are you keeping track of all these pictures I want??!! Love ya!

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