Meet the McGraws

I am finally starting on the sessions from last weekend in Marshall. First up, the McGraws. I have a pretty funny story to go along with this family. I received an email from Crystal inquiring about booking a family session in Marshall. We started emailing back and forth and I knew her last name was McGraw, but I just didn’t put two and two together. About her fourth email she said… “I think you know my husband”. That’s pretty odd considering Otey and I knew hardly any local people in Marshall when we lived there. We were so consumed with our jobs that we didn’t have much of a social life. Anyway, come to find out her husband was Chad… Chad the sign guy. Okay, his name isn’t Chad the sign guy, but he owns the sign shop in Marshall where we had hundreds of sponsor banners made over the four years we were there for the rodeo we put on. It was really fun to get to meet his great family, and ohhhhh…. how cute are these kids?



The McGraws have purchased a lot with plans of building a new house soon. We shot a bunch of family photos right on the site where their new house will be. Oh, and it just so happens that beautifully manicured golf course is in their future back yard!


  • Julia - Love looking at all of your photos! I especially love reading your random parenting thoughts. It makes me laugh…because I am in the same parenting boat, often times feeling like I have no lifejacket(and Jake is #3, I should be prepared for this stuff! Wow! How soon you forget!)
    We miss you guys! Jake asks if “Coopy” is bye-bye? We need to get the boys together…soon!

  • Kendi - These are awesome.

  • Crystal - LOVE THESE! Can’t wait to see more! This is a breath of fresh air to see these. We have been stuck at the hospital since Tuesday! Connor is a sick little guy! He has pnemoneua, or how ever you spell that awful word…. He wants to come home and so do we!

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