McCloy Genes

For those of you who have asked…. Yes.  Grady does look a lot like Cooper as a newborn.  Otey and I both thought it the moment we saw him.  And just like with Cooper, every nurse that came through our room said “Wow… he looks a lot like his Daddy.”  McCloy genes are pretty strong I guess.

CooperCS  GradyCS

      Cooper Dawson (2 days old)                  Grady Arthur (2 days old)

I can really see it when Grady cries.  He and Cooper both have the same “I’m really ticked off at the world” face.
We had Grady’s check up yesterday.  He is eating great, and getting it out the other end great, but they were worried he might be a little jaundice.  So…. off to the hospital for a heel stick.  Yep.  His level was 14 yesterday, and 16 today.  That equals Billy Blanket (plug in light up blanket thingy that helps their little bodies get rid of the extra billiruben)  I’m probably spelling all this medical junk wrong… please excuse my poor spelling if you are an MD.  Cooper also had to have a Billy Blanket when he was just a few days old.  It’s great that they can be treated at home, but it just sucks that we have to do it… again.  When I asked the doctor why he was jaundice since he was eating so great and peeing and pooping a ton his response was “good question”.  That was followed with several possible explanations, but the moral of the story is we’ll just pray that the levels are down tomorrow and it won’t matter why they were up in the first place. 

I’m off to clean, wipe, feed, or burp something.  Happy Saturday.

  • Julie Bennett - Hi, I am one of Julie Bender’s friends – which is how I found your blog. My sister-in-law is also a photographer… so not only do I love looking at your photos, but your blogs are oh-so entertaining.

    I’ve been reading your blogs long enough I felt as tho I needed to introduce myself so maybe the “stalker” feeling would go away :~)

    Anyway… CONGRATULATIONS on this miraculous wonder of yours!!!!!! Many of the best wishes and prayers go out to you and your entire family (including your mom… how great it is to be blessed with wonderful families).

  • Kim - That is amazing that they both look so similar…it will be neat to see Grady as he grows…have fun cleaning, wiping, feeding and burping…hope you’re getting lots of rest:)

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