Makes me smile…

Big Day today. Cooper and I ran a BUNCH of errands around town that I’ve been putting off for a week and then toured the neighborhood in our BIG red wagon.  When Otey got home this evening we took out our new pull behind bike cart/trailer thing for the first outing.  Cooper really liked it.  I probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow considering I haven’t been on a bike since last summer, but a good time was had by all.  We wrapped up the day with dinner and some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  Now that’s a good Tuesday! 

I’ve spent the last few days burning off TONS of pictures from my hard drive.  I have a horrible habit of leaving all the pictures I shoot (literally thousands) on my hard drive.  I’ve been burning off everything that isn’t 100% necessary to speed up my computer.  Anywho… here is a picture from last December when we were at the beach that I hadn’t ever really noticed before.  It makes me smile.


  • Grandma/ Mom - I think I need one of these. In fact I need some “new” pictures of everyone. I didn’t get one of Andys’ Christmas pix

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