Magic McCloy

Pony Hunt 2008 has finally came to an end.  The McCloy's are now the proud owners of a pony.  I stopped by to pay for our little pony and decided that she would have her first mini-photo shoot that way Otey and Grandpa McCloy could scope her out.  I'm sad to report that she's really not all that photogenic.  Her eyes were closed in many of the shots and she just wasn't willing to work with "my vision".  Anywho… INTRODUCING…. In her Kathy McCloy Daily Blabber Blog debut… MAGIC THE PONY!!!


Answer to the question you are all thinking… No.  I did not braid her mane and tail.  Magic the Pony currently is owned by a 5th grade girl (and her little brother that decided he'd rather have a 4wheeler).  Seriously… is that a cute little pony or what?  She is a big enough pony that Coop and baby No-Name will be able to ride her for quite a while.  Just to give you an idea… her back is about three inches under my armpit when I stand beside her.  And one more Magic shot, just because she has her own personalized little pony halter that brought me great inner joy…


I'm sure there will be many more Magic McCloy photos when she makes her big move to Iowa in a couple of weeks.  Why can't kids come pre-named like ponies?  That would make my life much easier.

  • Mary Kay - What a cute pony! And a perfect name. I like Magic McCloy. She looks bigger than I expected. This should be fodder for lots of blog stories. Congratulations on the new addition.

  • Laura - Congrats! Glad to see it worked out for you!! Nate said you ended up buying it!

  • Alexandra Frankel - omigosh! how fun! Where are you going to keep her?

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