The best and worst parts of being a photographer… for me… walk hand in hand. They usually happen about eight hours apart. The worst… it's usually about midnight when I finish editing a session.  I send the email out to the client telling them their gallery is up for them to view. Then, I WAIT. That's the "worst" part for me. I hate wondering… wondering if they loved their images, wondering if they're disappointed, wondering if their husband is saying "See! I told you family photos were a bad idea!". I guess it's a self confidence issue. I know I love the images… but I need them to love them too. Next comes the "best" part… the email from the Mom the next morning with the word "LOVE" in all capital letters. Better yet… the "I cried when I saw them" email. That is THE VERY BEST part of what I do. Sometimes when I'm having a rough day, feeling like a cruddy Mom, or cruddy Wife, or just plain cruddy… those emails make my day. What brought this post on? The email waiting on me in my inbox  from Leah this morning. Leah is the mother who received her "your gallery is up" email last night. She is the mother of these two sweet little girls…







Sidenote… My Mom is in town to visit.  Yippee!!!

  • Leah Robinson - It’s so true Kathy, I do LOVE them 🙂 ALL of my friends and family LOVE them too! I’ve got nothing but GREAT compliments about them! The backgrounds are perfect! The way you captured my girls “personalities” is amazing! The best thing about the session was your patience with my girls. It’s not easy finding a photographer that doesn’t try to “rush” the session! You even suggested going to the park/lake to let the girls play and have fun! That means a lot to a mom!!! Thanks again!!!!!

    Enjoy every second with your mom:)

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