Look Mom, no hands.

I’m in Indiana…  but just passing through.  I have a rodeo in Martin, Tennessee (the old alma motter) this week so I’m in and out of here.  After a long day of traveling, I was soooooo sooooooo SOOOOOOO excited to see the three men in my life.  It had been a week since I saw my boys (first time ever to leave Grady) and three weeks since I had seen Otey.  It was wonderful to be together as a family even if it lasted less than 24 hours.  Otey left for Iowa this afternoon and then he heads for Texas in the morning.  Just a little less than a week and we will have a big long stretch all together.  March & April are always really busy months for me, but this year was a little worse with the trip to Idaho thrown in the middle.  Oh well… I have an entire year to rest up since I will be making the same trip again next year.

Grady is crawling… and crawling FAST.  Today he was standing up by my chair and turned loose.  Look Mom… no hands.  Oh Lord, not yet.  He is my tiny newborn baby… how is this happening so fast?

OM+KC (part 4) on Tuesday.

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