Longest Post Ever

I totally love how cut throat my photo contest contestants are!  I’m getting really funny emails that are making me laugh out loud!  Remember to vote once a day for your favorite image.  Voting ends at midnight on Friday.


Today was a big day for me.  Actually it was HUGE!  I have a rodeo this weekend in Magnolia, Arkansas, and Otey has one in Omaha, Nebraska.  On my way to Arkansas last night I stopped at Otey’s parent’s house in Licking, Missouri and did the unthinkable… I LEFT MY KID!!!  It felt so weird to drive a long distance without him in the car.  Once it got late I found myself not stopping to pee because I didn’t want to wake up Cooper… wait a minute… Cooper isn’t asleep in the carseat… he’s two hours behind me snug in his little bed… Ahhhh!!!!  I’m just so accustom to having him with me, and thinking of his needs first, that I’ve forgotten how to function without him.  I can drive with all the windows down and enjoy the cool night… I can turn the radio up loud and sing at the top of my lungs… I can stop at a disgusting gas station and pee without trying to hover over the toilet seat balancing my kid in one arm. I know he’s going to have a big time partying with Gma & Gpa McCloy until Sunday morning, but I miss him already!  Funny how something can be so freeing… yet soooo hard to do.

Thanks so much for all of your nice emails.  It’s great that there are people out there that see what I see… that "get" what I’m doing.  It motivates me to do more, to do better. 

And what’s a blog post without a photo?  How ’bout ya, Mizzou Fans?  You absolutely MUST click on this image to see cutie-patootie Sam in all his super-photogenic glory!


And one of my sweet baby nephew, Cole… just because I got to see him last night, and just because he has the stinkiest baby burps on the planet.


Side-note… I just realized he doesn’t look too happy… he really was enjoying this… honestly.

  • Heather - hey, do you have any pics from Lexi’s cheer practice that turned out?

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