LONG day.

I finished with Caroline’s pics this morning and started right in on the HUGE Ruhe clan.  I shot TONS of pics that evening (six individual families and then all of them together), so I’m sure you’ll be seeing several pop up over the next few days.  I spent all day cleaning (please God let us sell this house soon), packing (we fly to Syracuse, NY in the morning), and editing pictures.  It poured down rain all day so Cooper and I were trapped in the house.  To say that he gets a little mischievous after half a day in the house would be a huge understatement… all day is about all my Mama nerves can handle!  He was really happy when Otey got home this evening.  Hopefully he will be that happy on our flights tomorrow… for the other passengers mental well being!  I forgot to mention it yesterday… WE FINALLY CLOSED ON OUR NEW HOUSE.  Not sure when we’re going to move in to it… looking like August unless our schedule slows down a little.  I’m going to try and go and clean on it next week and have the carpets shampooed so it will be all fresh and tidy when we move in.  I also think I’m going to paint the ceilings before we get all of our furniture moved in.  That is if my Indiana painting crew is ready to come back for round two? 

Thanks to everyone who has called or emailed about the baby stuff.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  I have a doctor’s appointment on the 2nd to make sure I am ready to start my injections.  Keep your finger’s crossed.

How about a little pic to end the night?  First peek of the individual shots of the six families…


  • Denise Smith - Kathy, I love the picture of the ‘Burks’ – you know with Thomas. Boy, does he look excited?! There were actually so many good pictures of the grandkids and those of all of us together, you did great! The photo from our preview with Keith not squinting made me laugh so loud!! Thanks so much! Denise

  • Heather - hey, can you make this one our banner on the blog – ya know, when you find time!!!! haha

  • Heather - I love the picture! About round 2…we leave for vacation on the 14-22, so it’d have to be after that – and w/ my 2 in tow! Any body else up for it…Aunt Karen??? NO TACO BELL!!!!!!! ha ha

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