Cooper had a HUGE day today. He went to see Backyardigan’s LIVE ON STAGE!!! My CRAZY friend Julie and her innocent sister Megan volunteered to take TWO – TWO YEAR OLDS to a stage show over an hour away. CRAZY!!! Anyway, I’m really sad that I couldn’t go with them, but they said my kid had a ball. Clapping and laughing out loud through the entire show. Baby No-Name and I had a pretty big day too. Two photo sessions, a birthday party cookout, and a nephew’s soccer game. That’s about all this tubby woman could handle!

I had a great time shooting my friend Jolyn’s family in Memphis last week. I mentioned in her “mini-peek” that Rylee wasn’t really into “working” it for the camera. I had to share this photo so you could get a feel for how Rylee really felt about the photo session…

She was really happy the entire time… just a little hard to corral. This was one of the very first frames that we shot (not to mention one of my favorites).

Can you tell Rylee is trying to escape in this one?

Just a few more random shots that make me happy…


I… my friends… am a dedicated blogger. I am currently blogging from my parent’s house on DIAL UP. Uploading photos on dial up… not so much fun.

  • Sweet P - This little girl is amazingly cute. Kathy you don’t know me but I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I read it every day! Please talk about this comment on your blog! I want to prove to my mom that you actually read the comments!

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