Little Tikes

I want one of those big plastic climber/slide/swingset things for Cooper.  He is climbing on everything these days and I think he’d love it.  Our neighbors have a little cube one in their back yard and if I turn my back for one second Cooper makes a b-line for it.  Here is my dream set (without all those kids)…


Hope fun is that?  It has a little slide, big slide, and a crawl through tunnel.  Love it!  We already have a toddler swing (stolen from Grandma Curry’s house… I’m sure it’s one of my Dad’s yard sale treasures) but we have nothing to hang it from yet.  Does anyone have one in your back yard that your little one has out grown?  Do you know someone who has one that might be interested in selling it?  I would settle for a smaller one too.  I would like to buy a used one if we can… anyone have any connections?

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