Little Fish

We are in Columbia, Missouri (near our fertility Doctor’s office for my early morning appointment tomorrow) after nearly 12 hours in the truck today.  I’m getting ready to hit the hay for the night… but this was just too cool and I had to share it.  I shot pictures for Dodge Rodeo Saturday afternoon at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.  For those of you "non-rodeo" people out there in blog-stalker-land, Cheyenne is one of the premier events in rodeo.  The pay out is over one million dollars and everybody who’s anybody enters Cheyenne.  Anyway… I got a special press pass since I was officially shooting for Dodge and was allowed to shoot from "the pit" in the middle of the arena.  On my right was Sports Illustrated, and on my left was Fox Sports.  There were photographers from all over the country and… me.  It was WAY intimidating, but I learned a whole lot just looking over the shoulder of the Sports Illustrated guy checking his camera settings… just think how much I would have learned if I would have actually said something to him besides… "sorry" about 30 times as I whacked him with the end of my lens.  I guess that’s a pretty normal thing in a tight area with a bunch of people with way long lens… the guy behind me kept whacking me too.  So here are just a couple of the first images I looked at and liked.  We loaded up and headed to Indiana the second the rodeo was over and after a day and a half of traveling and anticipation… I am just now looking at them and burning backups.





Also… on a completely different note… I just read back over my post about my Grandma, and saw that I mistakenly put punkin’ instead of puddin’.  Anyone who knew my Grandma would for sure know that it was supposed to be puddin’.  I guess in my late night ramblings I didn’t take the time to proof my post. Thanks so much for all your comments, emails, and phone calls about my Grandma.  I seriously have the best friends that anyone could ever ask for.

  • Stormi - I must say I am so proud of you and the beautiful action shots you took with your camera in a tight pit. I liked the first picture and the last picture the best. But did you forget the barrel racers? I’m hurt. I was looking forward to seeing some big name girl’s picture on here! Oh well maybe next time.

  • Laura - Awsome pics! Who knows…it could be you someday soon representing ESPN or FOX Sports!!

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