I made myself a list on the drive down here of little things I have been meaning to blog, but that really didn’t deserve an entire post all to themselves. So, here’s a little list for you. (#3 is my favorite)

1. Hey…. remember that photo contest that I was soooo stoked to be in the top-four of? The one that caused me to shamelessly beg for your vote? Well…. I WON!!! Actually, Grandpa George won. Check out the proof (and G-pa George’s photo) HERE!

2. Smarties. You know those little sugary candy pieces we all ate as kids? Well, I now carry a couple of “emergency” rolls of them in my purse. If I feed them to Cooper one at a time I can keep him quiet for like 4 minutes a roll. Anyway, on my drive down here I ate my two emergency rolls that were in my purse. Why did I do that? Smarties make my tongue raw. I mean… like sandpaper, probably bleeding raw. I know this, yet sometimes I loose my mind and eat them anyway.

3. Piston Cup. Cooper is in love the movie Cars. He knows half the words, every characters name, and would watch it in a continuous loop if we’d let him. In the movie, the race cars are racing for the year end award called the Piston Cup. Well, everything in our house is now called a piston cup. The cup in the bath tub, his sippy cup, the plastic container we store all his cars in. We went to the Doctor on Wednesday and Cooper had to pee in a cup for some tests (you see where this is going, huh?). He really wanted to carry the cup of pee back to the nurse, and it had a good lid and was plastic, so being the fun Mom that I am, I let him carry his pee. He walked down the hall at the Dr’s office yelling “My Piston Cup! My Piston Cup!” in his happy voice. Then when the nurse took it from him he laid in that same hallway rolling around screaming and crying “Oh no!!! Piston Cup! Piston Cup!”. I laughed so hard I could barely drag him out to the car. I hope the nurses and other Mom’s have seen the movies Cars.

4. Day in The Life. I have contemplated doing some “day in the life” photo sessions. A family could hire me to shoot anywhere they’d like for four hours. Documenting a first birthday party… a baptism… an anniversary party… a day at the pool… or just a family cook out. For one flat rate they would receive their sitting fee, and a hard back coffee table book of their day. What do you think?

5. Pace, Cannon, Max, Brogan, Grant, Braxton, Grayson, whatever new name I hear that day… still no name.

6. Bubbles. Cooper loves bubbles. I mean LOVES bubbles. I finally broke down and bought a bubble gun (how lazy is that) because I was so sick of having the slimy bubble junk running down my forearm while he repeatedly yelled “More bubbles Mommy! More bubbles Mommy!”

7. Along with Otey’s heel horse, we have Cooper’s horse that his Grandpa has been riding at our house now. His name is Moses. Cooper looks out his window in the morning as soon as he gets up and says “Hi Sherry. Hi Moses.” It’s way too cute.

8. Do you actually read all the way down to the bottom of these posts that have no photos?

  • laurie - yes, i read the whole blog also. i love reading it. you should write a book!

  • Billie Jo - I love your blog and I read from top to bottom! I’ve shared your site with several people in the past few weeks. They love it too! You’re lookin’ good girlie! Loved seeing you in action!

  • stormi - I read the whole post. I would hire you for 4 hours if you wanted to keep up with Darrel and I that long on a Saturday morning or on a week day. OH, that would be an interesting photo shoot. He “collects” and “breeds” on Mon, Wed. and Friday afternoons. The vet is there in the Am doing ultra sounds. Man, wouldn’t you have some interesting photos to share 😉

  • aunt harriet/mom - I read every word…sometimes twice. It is my way of staying in touch with you and your family.
    love you all

  • "Mom" Karen - i wouldn’t make it 4 hours, that could seem like all day. 2 hours should be more than enough time to do a shoot. love ya dad

  • "Mom" Karen - Every last word. Usually twice. More during the day if there are new pics of Cooper or the family. They are my ‘pick up’ in my work day.

  • codymc - I like Grayson a lot 😀 not that you should really listen to me. You’ll pick a great name, and it will fit.

    (still like Grayson)


  • Sharon Turner - I think the 4-hour-shoot idea is FANTASTIC! I would definetly think others would love the idea! And yes, I read your posts to the very last sentence–whether there are pictures or not. You inspire me every day! Keep up the great work.

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