Life as I know it…

…changed this week. A life altering event has occurred in our family’s world. Cooper has discovered he can climb out of his crib in about 4.3 seconds. Over… and over… and over… again. By 1:00pm he is so sleepy he has the drunk staggers, yet when I put him in his bed, he climbs out before I can even get to the door. Over… and over… and over again. Things that don’t work… spanking him and putting him back in his crib…. Over… and over… and over again, rocking him, letting him lay down in my bed with me, letting him sleep on his mattress not in his crib, reasoning with him (that big boy crap doesn’t work for us), screaming, praying, or begging. I would be fine with skipping the afternoon nap if he didn’t still need it. The day before he figured out he was big enough to climb out, he was still taking a three hour afternoon nap EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now we have been four days straight with no nap. So… what’s a Mom to do? Tie him to the bed? Give him lots of Tylenol PM? Lock him in his room and turn the music up real loud so I can’t hear him scream? No. A desperate Mom with an acrobatic baby that is too wild for a toddler bed yet…. does this… she whoops out her credit card and heads to the internet to have one of these horribly tacky things shipped next day…


Do you think this classifies as child abuse? I mean really… that little kid in the picture looks like he digs it. Anyway, by Wednesday night Cooper is going to be enjoying the benefit and safety of his very own breathable, see through Crib Tent. I’ll give you my reviews next week. Keep your fingers crossed. My poor baby is soooo tired!

  • Heather - Just reading your blog…in response to mom’s comment – I’m NOT THAT BAD!!! She’s just jealous she didn’t have both you and me to raise! haha I must say, my girls were pretty good at staying put. Just Lexi got Lenzi out of her crib and brought her to me! AACK!! Love ya!

  • aunt harriet/mom - better than the black eye that Heather got when she climbed out of her crib the first time! I was afraid to take her anywhere for fear someone would think I beat her! Don’t lose your sense of humor – you will need it desperately if your if the next little McCloy is a girl! Just think…you might have a little Heather!

  • Terri Neighbors - You probably have no clue who I am but my daughter is a penpal to Heather’s brother Buss. I check your blog almost daily and usually get a good laugh. I have to say that this made me laugh really loud! I can completely understand where you are coming from and had I known about the tents 3 years ago, I would have bought one!

    Also, Cooper is adorable!

  • achariya - *grin* I’m a friend of Cody.

    Been using the crib tent for 2.5 years, and the only bad part is, you get completely addicted.

    We just recently took the crib tent off, and are having the experience of our child being able to wander through the house late at night. Oy. Enjoy it while the child is young enough to not complain! 😀

  • codymc - can you say skinner box? 😀 Seriously it doesn’t look that bad — it’s for his own safety.

  • Kari - OMG Kathy I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. Make sure you get a picture for us. Way better idea than the board and the brick though. Way anxious to see if it works.

  • Katie - This story made me laugh out loud at 6am. I do not look forward to this happening!

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