King Sized

I’ve been working on Brandy’s pics all evening.  I took TONS of pics (you know… there are no do-overs with an 8 1/2 month pregnant lady) and it’s taking me a long time to get through them.  I keep finding a new favorite about every fourth pic.  Cooper and I had a good day.  We ran some errands and played a lot.  He is now holding his bottle in his mouth by the nipple and shaking his head back and forth and growling like Louie.  Do you think that is a pretty good indication that he… #1 spends too much time with the dog… #2 is about ready to be weaned from the bottle… or #3 just lays in bed at night thinking of ways to crack me up the next day?

Our new mattress is FINALLY going to arrive tomorrow morning.  Friday night in the King size bed!  Yippee!!!  Otey, Louie, and I will be stretching out living the good life tomorrow! 

Just a side note… I’d like to publicly say I am so sick of the Rosie vs Trump thing.  Geesh!

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