Killer Kangaroo

Caught up with the carpet dude at the new house so he could measure this morning, and then I went into the store to pick out the carpet… really, not so much fun.  There are 5 thousand choices and 90% look exactly the same.  Geesh… I brought home some samples for Otey to look at and say "I don’t care babe, whatever you want".  Any input or suggestions on carpet?  I am clueless.

Otey roped this evening in a ten-header in Bloomfield, IA at their county fair. For you non-rodeo people, that just means you get to rope 10 steers with the same partner.  Cooper and I drove down and watched the first half.  Otey didn’t win anything, but the night was not lost… Cooper made a new best-friend at the petting zoo.


There is a horrible sun-spot right on the goat’s head, but I had to share this picture anyway.  Cooper just patted and pulled and squeezed on this goats head and it just kept coming back for more.  There were all kind of creatures at this petting zoo.  Even a not-so-nice, grab-you-and-try-to-hurt-you kangaroo.  Who’d a thunk it?  An I-weegen killer kangaroo.

  • Debbie - Did you forget that we live in the carpet capital of the world?! We like berber carpet because of all the high traffic we get. It is a low looped and the varigated colors are the best. If you are not in a big hurray you could send me samples of what you like best and we can see if we can find it and have it shipped somewhere there. We know several people people that can get us good deals! I don’t know the prices you are looking at but we can get a great carpet for around $4 to $5 a sq whatever they measure it in. Let us know!

  • Kelly Smith - Sorry, I can’t help you with the carpet selection. I had Ned pick the carpet out for our house!!
    Good Luck 🙂

  • aunt harriet/mom - buy “trackless” carpet – does not show where you walk or vacume streaks – that is what is all through our house and I love it. Go for a cream color – not yellow cream – grey cream, a silver or a toupe/kahki/linen color especially if you can put tile, hardwood or vinal at all of the outside doors and in the heavy travel areas. Not a solid color, get one with verigation in it or you will not be happy – you are too much like me when it comes to color

  • Katie - Kathy-
    Take it from a girl who knows her carpets…a medium color to light or too dark shows everything. Do not go plush it mats and shows wear patterns.
    Just some thoughts from a girl who has lived in 2 houses with 4 carpet replacements

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