Kendra – Marshall High School – 2012

The morning after Kendra’s shoot on Facebook…

HER MOM: “I just want you to know that I have 27 chigger bites! Yes, I counted! Kendra has like 5 and a small patch of poison. I sure hope the pics in the weeds turn out! LOL”.

ME: “I came straight home, got naked in my garage and went straight to the shower to scrub my legs. I even had my Mom (who doesn’t get poison) wipe my shoes down with alcohol just in case there was oil on them! And you know what?!?!? I STILL have some poison bumps! Oh, and I watched them as they uploaded… they are totally going to be soooo worth it”.

I knew I could risk being cocky when my subject looks like Kendra!  I would like to put this disclaimer out there… I did warn Kendra before I sat her down in the three foot weeds that chigger bites were a possibility.  So glad she’s a girl who has her priorities straight. 🙂

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