Just explain it to him…

Okay,  like I said yesterday, I had to go and pick up the antibiotics that our hero (Dr. Dan) called in for Cooper here in the booming metropolis of Hutchison, KS.  When I picked up the Amoxicillian the VERY nice pharmacist showed me the monster size dropper that I was supposed to fill three times a day and feed to my "don’t touch my nose, don’t you dare put that thing in my mouth" kid.  I very proudly explained to him that my hero (Dr. Dan) had told me the best secret in the world to get a baby to take their medicine.  Simply use a bottle nipple (with the hole just a tad bit bigger for thicker medicine) and measure the medicine in the dropper and then put in the nipple, stick it in his mouth, and PRESTO!  Cooper would eat turpentine with a smile on his face if I put it in a nipple.  I was thinking that the pharmacist would be impressed with my parenting skills, instead he told me that Cooper was too big for that, and I simply needed to explain it to him and he’d take it.  He told me to put him in his highchair and explain (in my best serious voice) that this was medicine to make him feel better and he must take it.  Great… and I thought I was still supposed to use the nipple trick that has worked perfectly for his puking medicine for six months… stupid me.  So, last night, I sat Cooper down and explained it all to him in my very best serious voice, proceeded to squirt the 15 gallon dropper in his mouth with the very think bubble gum concoction in it, and Cooper very quickly explained to me, in his very serious baby talk, that he would not be taking the medicine.  After cleaning pink bubble gum Amoxicillin off of me, Cooper, the table, the highchair, and the floor, I put a dose of medicine in the "magic nipple" and in between Cooper’s cries of torture from the last attempt, he very willingly sucked down the medicine and then screamed and reached for it because he wanted more.  Thank you Mr. VERY nice pharmacist, but I must stick with Dr. Dan.

  • Her Brother - You should have known better!

    Dr Dan is the man!

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