We had a great day in Marshall today.  I had two fun family sessions and then we had a little McCloy family play-pallooza this evening.  We had dinner at the nutritious (ha) golden arches and worked over their playland, then we headed to the park until dark, and then we came back and drug out every toy with us and made good use of every one of them.  Boy, Cooper has it rough being on the road all the time, huh?

I had the privilege of shooting Jordan’s senior pictures on Thursday evening. Have I mentioned how much I like shooting seniors? I kept telling Jordan to "embrace her inner super model" and she kept telling me she didn’t have one… I think she might have been fibbing…



and you ask… why is it that I enjoy seniors so much? Well, lets just say I don’t see a lot of hot pink stilettos in Family, Maternity, or Newborn shoots! I loved… LOVED the shoes.



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