Joe Dirt

If normal boys are made of puppy dog tails and snails and whatever else is in that rhyme… my kid is made of mud, dirt, and a little more mud.  He absolutely loves anything that involves getting filthy.  So what could possibly be more fun then his BRAND NEW SANDBOX? 


It got up to 60* here today and Cooper was outside pretty much from 1:00 – 6:30.  I worked in the back yard all afternoon and Cooper played in his new sandbox, ate sticks, threw rocks, and chased Louie around in circles.  Oh ya… and took a massive header on the concrete patio. Click on this pic and check out his battle wounds.


When Otey got home at 5:00 he came right out and joined in the yard work.  We have bagged like 15 "pay $1 for this big cardboard bag and the trash men will pick it up" bags of leaves and sticks.  The bad thing is we need to bag about 15 more!

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