Jen & her crew

Otey and I have known Jen and Jayson for several years so I was excited when she emailed me about booking a session while I was in Alabama last month. They have three kids that are very close in age. Looking back, I remember when their kids were all really little and I thought they were NUTS for having three… let alone so close in age… oh how my tune has changed a few years later! Jen wanted some fun relaxed photos of her kids being kids. Love it.





We went and drug Jayson out of the hay field (at Zee's house… you know… from the post yesterday) for a few family photos.


They have this WAY cool old deserted house on their property. It was right up my alley.


We shot the majority of the session out in a field that had recently been bailed and on the red dirt road in front of their house. The kids ran around barefoot and laughed and played. It was a fun couple of hours of work/catching up with old friends. Oh ya, I also "caught up" with some poison ivy. I ALMOST made it all year with out getting it. Never… it's like my kryptonite.

  • Emily - I absolutely LOVE these pictures! Especially the ones on the road! Hope things are going well!

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