It’s great to be “got”

What makes your heart sing?  What brings you joy? Not what makes you happy for the moment… but what  REALLY brings you joy?  Lately I have realized that  clients that "get me" bring me great joy.  They make my heart sing.  Probably seven sessions out of ten, my VERY favorite photo won't get purchased.  The photo that made my heart sing when  it opened on  my computer screen.  The photo that  makes me wish that I had that EXACT same photo of my family. Now, the other three sessions out of ten that are left…. those are the  clients that "get me".  The clients that lay on the sidewalk or kiss in the middle of the street without hesitation just because I asked them to.  The clients that trust me.  The clients that  fill their house with photos of  their kids just being kids.  The clients that don't think looking at the camera and saying "cheese" is a necessity for a wonderful photo. That's what makes my heart sing.  Showing up at a session and finding  THAT client.  Knowing that the entire time I am shooting, and the entire time I  am editing their  proofs that I am going to make THEIR heart sing… bring THEM joy the same way their photos are bringing me joy.  Sometimes I get caught up in capturing the photo that Grandma will buy instead of capturing  the moment… the feeling… the connection in between two people.  That's my resolution.  I never make New Year's resolutions… so why not a June resolution?  I will make my heart sing at every session.  I will seek out the clients that want that connection… that feeling photographed and strive to bring them joy.  Most importantly, I won't take it personally…. I won't stress over clients that don't "get" me… I won't worry that some people will never understand why half of someone's head is missing in a photo… or why everything is tilted slightly to the left. I will simply savor those three out of ten clients more.

My friend Erica is a three out of ten client.  She squeals at the same photos that make my heart skip a beat.  She fills her house with photos of people not looking at the camera *gasp!*.  I look forward to every session with her family.  You can't imagine the joy I get knowing that the hours of work I put in to her gallery will be worth it…. because she "gets me".










AND… for those of you who sit in the chair at Erica's salon once a month… feel free to mail me a thank you note.  Soon… very soon… you will not have to look at that AWFUL photograph of Erica sporting the "Rachel" on her license hanging by her station.  Don't get we wrong, if you are a woman in between the ages of 25 and 35 you sported the Rachel hair-do at some point during the early "Friends" years.  The difference is most of us don't keep photos out to prove it!  So…. voice your opinion… which head shot shall grace the walls of "High Maintenance" and replace the scowling Rachel shot?




Figure out what brings you joy and make a June resolution with me.

  • ??? - She’s HOT! How will she ever choose?

  • Kim - Well said, well done and well…..another fantastic job Kathy.
    You are ROCKIN’.

  • Julie S - Once amazing job! I can’t get over how awesome ALL of your pictures ALWAYS turn out!

  • Jeremi Jackson - That was supposed to be “Hope YOU”RE feeling good.”


  • Jeremi Jackson - I like them all!! I wish baby no name wasn’t due the 4th of July! I need some new pictures of my family! AHHH!!!

    Hope your feeling good.

  • Kelli - My vote is for # 2. Where is your poll daddy voting thingy? I am so used to that. Really enjoying looking at your pictures and just seeing how you’ve evolved as a photographer. I “get you”. Keep up the great work. Oh and I love reading your blog posts – they crack me up.

  • Blog Stocker 1 - 2 & 3 are both really fabulous.

    2 will probably win, she looks very professional.

    However, # 3 her eyes lets us see her soul. This makes 3 my favorite she is absolutely beautiful.

  • mom - The second (middle) one

  • stormi - I like the first two

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