It’s A Boy!

It’s official.  Coopers new baby cousin that is going to arrive in January is a BOY!  Ben (Otey’s little brother) and his wife Brandy are expecting there first baby and they found out yesterday that it’s a boy.  We’re so excited for them, and for Cooper.  How fun will it be for them to grow up just a year apart.  I’m sure there will be many rowdy days at Grandma and Grandpa McCloy’s house. 

Otey is having a good time in Omaha.  I talked to him this morning and he is excited about starting his new job in the office on Monday.  I’m ready to get a house.  I thought it would be so much fun picking one out, but so far I just can’t find what we’re looking for.  I’m sure it will be much easier once I get up there.

My poison ivy is progressively getting worse.  I went to the Emergency Room this morning to see if they’d give me a bigger stouter shot.  Instead, they gave me 14 days worth of steroids, and told me to take Zantac and Benedryl twice a day.  I’m ready for some relief!  The short round of my rodeo is tonight.  Mom, Cooper, Louie and I are headed home first thing tomorrow morning.

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