We are back in IOWA! It still doesn’t feel like I should say “home”… but we are at the place where we pay a mortgage and where our “real” bed is. So… anyway… we made it! Good news is we came home to around five inches of snow in our yard… what? Snow? I just left Disney World for heaven’s sake! Cooper was soooo wild tonight. All the way from the car to the house he kept yelling “NOOOO!!!! NOOO!!!! NOOOOO!!!” That’s 22 month old talk for snow incase you were wondering. He yelled and clapped and laughed while Otey was trying to get the door unlocked. He is going to LOVE playing outside in it. I have soooo much to blog about. By the way… we are back to our regularly scheduled everyday blogging now that I’m home. For all of you that haven’t given up on me, there are going to be pictures galore coming over the next few weeks. Speaking of pictures… we had our family session with Leigh Taylor while we were in Orlando. I’ve had our session booked for months and was so looking forward to getting some great happy family photos with my always happy child. Little did I know that when we decided on December 22nd, that Cooper would be a VERY sick little boy that wasn’t up for much of anything except crying and being very bad. For any of you who have ever had naughty kids at a session with me, let me just tell you…. my naughty kid just trumped all of you. It is a miracle that she was able to get anything. There is a sneak peek on HER BLOG if you want to check it out. Don’t let the few smiles fool you. Cooper was crying in-between every shot. For those of you who know us well, you will even notice that he has his binky in the first shot which is a major no-no in our house. It never leaves the bed under normal circumstances. I tell ya, I would have given him a pony to just hush and pretend that he felt good. Here is the REAL icing on the cake. Two days later we took him to the doctor (yes, that’s Christmas eve… five hours in the walk-in clinic) to find out he had strep-throat. Do you think that officially cinches up 2007 Mom of the year for me? Anyway, he’s feeling back to his chipper self today for the first time in over a week. Go check out my families sneak peek as I patiently wait for my gallery to go up. ***disclaimer… notice the “is she 3 months pregnant or just bloated?” belly I have going on… lovely.***

AAANNDDD…. because I just loaded about 1500 photos on my computer from the last month, here are a couple of random close up pictures of Cooper from Disney World that make me happy…



  • Krista - Sounds like great fun! Just had to tell you how excited we are for you and Otey! GOD IS GOOD, no make that GREAT! I love it when all you can say is that it is a “God Thing”. I got to announce the NEWS to my family (Jayson and Jen were here for Christmas) and they wanted to know how I knew and they didn’t. I told them they just had to be in the “know” (and then I let them in on your blog)! Oh yeah, I cried when I read the baby blog announcement!

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