infectious mononucleosis


Cooper might have it… yucko.

The last couple of days you have came to my blog for some light mindless blabber and got a science lesson! Don't think for a second that I'm smart enough to spell those big words, I've been cutting and pasting them from Wikpedia. 

Coop woke up this morning with a 104.1 temperature after two days of antibiotics so I called my SUPER DUPER friend Julia (who happens to be a nurse at Cooper's pediatricians office) and she said he had better come in. We loaded up, me in my sick funk, and Cooper in his footed pajamas and headed to the doctor. Don't worry, I didn't forget Grady in my sick fog, Otey came home from work to stay with him. After much discussion, the final conclusion was Cooper either has a really nasty bug that is going around (high temp, pooping, and puking for a week) or he has Mono. We decided not to do the Mono test today… I just couldn't put him through a trip to the lab for blood work, heck… he's been crying when a commercial interrupts his cartoon for three days, a needle might send him in to complete toddler breakdown. Final plan of action… take some kick butt antibiotics for five days, and if he's still got the funk… then test for Mono. If you haven't guessed, turkey day is called off for the McCloy clan. We will be eating Pizza and packing all day tomorrow. Otey leaves (driving) for Vegas on Friday morning and Grady and I are supposed to fly out from Indianapolis on Monday morning pending Cooper's health. Please please PLEASE pray that Grady doesn't catch this. I can't imagine.

If you have placed an order with me (except you Karen D. we're still waiting on your canvas) it was shipped out on Tuesday. I'm all caught up on orders for the time being.

  • sharon turner - We can officially join your “yuck club” Our Cooper was sick Mon-Tues. Jeff has had everything you describe with your Cooper since Monday. I am trying to convince myself that I am too tough to get the crud but feel like I am weakening. Hope your Cooper makes a speedy recovery so you can go to Vegas without worrying too much. Happy Thanksgiving and the best to your family.

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