Indian Rocks Beach #2


My little pink paradise. Do you see that octagon window on the bottom floor?  Here's what you see when you look out that window…


Did I mention that I lovvvve the beach?  The smell of the salt water and sand… the breeze… ohhh… I could totally be a beach bum if money grew on trees!  I don't know what it is about the beach.  I always feel prettier…more relaxed… more… more everything at the beach.  I love that stinky skin burnt, yuck tangled hair, sand where sand shouldn't be feeling.  This year more then ever… it's been EXACTLY what I need.  Two weeks of all those things.  Two weeks of "more everything".


I've done somthing the past few days that I NEVER do.  Inspired by my
brother who shoots tons of pictures just because he enjoys it… in his words… not for artistic reasons… but for "content". I
shot some landscape photos. 


The vacation possey is now down to me, my boys, and my parents.  Otey flew back to Iowa to work this week, and my brother's family headed home over the weekend because my nephews had to go to school today.  It is pretty peaceful here is the pink house.  Wait… who am I kidding?  It's never peacefull with Cooper around!  Here are a couple of my brother's family from last week…




Cooper and I are REALLY enjoying spending time outside swimming and playing in the sand (and hanging out with my Mom and Dad).  It's going to be a shock next week when we head back to Iowa.  I'll be glad to get home and see Otey, but the snow and ice… not so much.  For now, I'm just going to sit back and savor the next four days I have in my pink paradise.  Happy Tuesday.

  • amy stamm - AWE!!!!!!!!!!!! LUCKY!! Sounds soooo fun! You described the beach and things you love about it to a tee….I am the same way—my family heads to Destin later this year:( but I am sure time will fly!! ENJOY the rest of your vacation…..Be safe going home.

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